Paper Shopping Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Retailers have been using specialty paper shopping bags for decades. They have come to realize that these bags are one of the best ways to make their names visible to the public. Almost everyone, at one time or another, has been inspired to go to a store simply based on the fact that they saw someone carrying a bag from that store. This usually occurs in shopping centers, malls, or streets in major cities that are lined with stores.

If a shopping bag attracts shoppers to a store, it has been an effective marketing tool. However, paper bags can often go above and beyond that. Many people keep paper bags for a while. They will often throw them in a cupboard or put them under the sink for some future endeavor. If this is the case, that person will be reminded of the store and the purchase he made there as soon as he sees the bag again. Often, this will lead to another store visit and another purchase.

Paper Shopping Bag Racks

Storage can be a problem for many retailers. Small stores often struggle with maintaining back inventory and supplies. Boxes and bags can pile up, and they can deter customers from shopping. There are several racks designed to keep paper bags stored. Many are small enough to rest behind a counter, while others will greatly reduce the amount of space extra bags take up in a store room.

Some racks can actually be used as displays. These are usually used by businesses at trade shows in order to attract visitors. These racks are often collapsible and can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

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