Partnership Programs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Partnership programs, also called affiliate or associate programs, are agreements where online companies pay affiliate websites a commission to send them sales. The affiliate will place a link on their website to the merchant site, and when somebody buys from the merchant, the affiliate gets a percentage. It's a wildly popular idea on the Web right now, and a cost-effective strategy.

Offline Partnership Programs

There are other types of partnership programs in which you may partake. Such programs are not a new idea with the Internet; they existed in the offline world long before the Internet was built. Offline partnership programs often take the form of cross promotion.

By joining with companies that sell services or products complementary to yours, you are able to reach a wider audience. It's a great way to get the world out about your company. Usually, how this works is through sharing mailing lists by putting your offer in your partners' mailings, or theirs in yours. Two or more companies might choose to share advertising space in newspapers and magazines also.

You'll often see partnership programs between massage therapists and chiropractors, for example. Or graphic designers and printers. They are not direct competitors, but share the same market. By combining their marketing efforts, they both win new customers and improve loyalty of current customers, because they are adding value to their customers' experiences with them.

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