Personalized Beverage Holders

Written by Jill Morrison
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Personalized beverage holders can be purchased for your home, or they can be given as gifts. Beverage holders are also known as "coolies," "holders," "koozies," "huggers," or "chillers." They are designed to fit snugly around beer cans, soda cans, or beer bottles to keep them cool, while keeping hands warm. They also make a great replacement for beverage coasters.

Functions of Personalized Beverage Holders

Personalized beverage holders are often used for parties, sports gatherings, at restaurants, and for simply lounging around the house. You can choose to purchase a large supply of matching coolies, or an assortment of coolies to use for large gatherings. Matching coolies are desirable if you are trying to match the colors of your house decor or kitchenware. A mixed assortment will make it easy to differentiate between different beverage cans at a party.

If you are simply interested in purchasing one personalized beverage holder, you can choose from many different colors, styles, and materials for your design. Coolies are typically either made from thick insulating foam or flexible neoprene. Foam tends to be more insulating and protective, while neoprene is thin, collapsible, and easy to store.

Personalized beverage holders can be printed with text or graphics in different styles and colors. Many will choose to print their coolies with personal names, or the names of favorite schools, sports teams, or activities. Sometimes, companies will print their logos on coolies and will give them away as promotional items.

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