Personalized Coffee Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Personalized coffee mugs can be purchased to advertise a business, product, or performance. They can also be given out as corporate gifts. However, personalized mugs are most commonly purchased as personal gifts for special friends or family members. They can be screen printed with names, initials, messages, photos, or graphics.

Creating Personalized Coffee Mugs

When creating personalized coffee mugs, you should first consider what they will be used for. In most cases, coffee mugs are used in the morning to serve coffee. Coffee mugs can also hold beverages other than coffee, such as hot chocolate, hot apple cider, water, tea, or juice. They can also be used as display items or as organizational tools on office desks.

Personalized coffee mugs can be decorated with company, sports team, school, or other types of logos. You can also choose to create a custom logo for your coffee mugs. Some printing companies allow you to use homemade artwork or real photographs on coffee mugs as well. For instance, a great Mother's Day gift is a mug that is personalized with a message and a drawing created by the child giving the gift.

Personalized mugs are typically printed on mugs made from ceramic or ironstone. White is the most common color for custom mugs. Darker colors, such as maroon, blue, black, and green are popular alternatives to white mugs. When printing on colorful mugs, you should be sure to print text and graphics in colors that stand out or contrast with the color of each mug.

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