Personalized Corporate Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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The time for giving personalized corporate gifts is not the time to give out cheap pens. Giveaway-type products should be reserved for when you have a new product announcement, or to tie in with an event theme. During holidays and other gift-giving times, go with something a little more expensive.

Things to Remember When Giving Personalized Corporate Gifts

Giving corporate gifts is an excellent way to maintain relationships, whether it's with a valued client or to recognize employees. When giving gifts, remember to keep them appropriate, know the company's policy on gift giving, and be thoughtful. Choose gifts that fit the person's interests, job, or hobbies. Be aware of any dietary restrictions they may have as far as health, religion, or philosophy.

Personalized corporate gifts come in many forms, from clothing to desk clocks to engraved silver and gold. Giving a $1.50 pen to a CEO who spends millions of dollars a year with you is not a way to thank him or her. You want to leave a memorable impression, but not in that way!

A gold watch, a crystal clock, or an executive desk set would be more appropriate personalized corporate gifts in these situations. Also, remember to personalize it with the recipient's names or initials, not your company logo. Imprinting your logo on a real gift is tacky.

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