Personalized Realtor Closing Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many factors influence real estate sales including personalized realtor closing gifts. Mass promotional giveaways to the general public are meant to increase clients and contacts. This in turn will lead to improved sales results. Finishing the sales process with a personalized closing gift is an important touch that promotes client satisfaction and loyalty. Since success in real estate sales is dependent upon repeat business, client satisfaction is a major priority.

Types of Personalized Realtor Closing Gifts

Closing gifts are often personalized with the new homeowner's name. Some popular choices are door mats, door knockers, photo frames, and towels. Many realtors choose gift baskets which might include personalized mugs or glassware. Garden items are another option. Personalized planters, stepping stones, wind chimes, and bird feeders are all thoughtful personalized realtor closing gifts given to new homeowners.

Some realtors choose gifts that are imprinted with the real estate company name or logo. Popular closing gifts include calculators and clocks. These come in compact and slim sizes which appeal to many clients. New options are combinations such as clock/calculators and calendar/calculators. Appointment books are another thoughtful choice used as personalized realtor closing gifts. Company logo imprinting options include front or back cover in various positions. Client name may also be imprinted on the front cover.

Gift baskets often include one personalized gift and a few items imprinted with the realtor's logo or name. Some popular choices are pens, sticky notes, and magnets. Paper cubes are great for displaying detailed graphics. They can be imprinted on the top sheets or on all four sides of the cube. Personalized realtor closing gifts are a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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