Plastic Door Hanger Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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There are two very different types of hanger bags. The first is used by dry cleaners throughout the entire country. In actuality, it is more of a protective film than an actual plastic bag. The bottom is almost always exposed and the hole at the top for the hangers often rips before the clothes even make it back to the car. These bags are inexpensive and not intended to hold up for very long.

The second type of plastic hanger bag is used by a number of clothing retailers. This type of bag usually zips down the front, completely protecting the clothing. The zipper leaves space for hangers to fit through, but generally that space is not large enough to leave the clothes open to rain or any other outside materials. It usually won't rip like a dry cleaning bag, either. These hanger bags are perfect for travel. They are lightweight and easy to carry, and once they are hung up, they will allow pressed clothes to remain unwrinkled on a long plane or car ride.

Printed Plastic Door Hanger Bags

Even the cheap bags that drycleaners use can be customized. The name of the cleaners can be displayed across both sides of the bag. Color can also be added, and if the company has a logo it can be printed, as well. This serves as a good advertisement for the business, especially if people are happy with their cleaning.

More expensive bags will cost more to customize. However, clothing companies will not usually have to purchase bags in the same quantity as cleaners. A simple imprint of the store's name is often enough to do the trick on these bags. If a person travels with a bag, the company has received wide scale advertising for relatively little money and almost no work on their part.

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