Plastic Logo Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Logo recognition has become extremely important to businesses throughout the country. Marketing gurus are well aware of the fact that most people can tell the brand of a shoe without ever seeing the name. It is believed that if consumers can attach an image to a name they are more likely to remember a product and involuntarily recall it than if there were only a name.

Putting a logo and a name on a plastic bag is an easy way for a company to gain recognition. In fact, the color of the bag can even add to a consumer's ability to recall. For instance, if a bag is a specific shade of blue and it is adorned with the company logo, there is a good chance that a person will think of the logo whenever they see that shade of blue regardless of where they see it.

Types of Plastic Logo Bags

There are more types of plastic bags on the market than most people are probably familiar with. When a company chooses to use bags as promotional items they have a number of options regarding shape, style, and size. There are also several variations within each of those categories.

There are frosted bags, tinted bags, full color bags, transparent bags, and even anti-static bags. Businesses can place their logos on bags with die-cut handles, strapless bags, tri-fold, or trapezoid bags. The style of the bag is usually dictated by what a company sells or the services they offer. Certain plastic bags are, for all intents and purposes, a bit fancier than others. High-end bags are generally reserved for high-end products. However, even the simplest bag can be an effective promotion if the logo design is good.

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