Printed Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lanyards add a colorful touch to name badges, key rings, whistles, and other small objects you wish to carry on them. They are worn around the neck and come in a variety of colors and styles. The most popular are round woven lanyards, probably due to their low cost and variety of colors available.

However, flat lanyards can be printed with your company logo, internet address, or name. These are often seen at concerts, trade shows, conventions, sporting events, and business meetings. They keep items such as keys or name badges handy while freeing the wearer's hands. That way, wearers can use their hands yet still have the necessary items handy when they need them.

Reusing Lanyards

Lanyards are not only convenient, but they offer multiple uses. For example, after you get home from a trade show, you can reuse the lanyard to hold your keys. Lanyards that are attached to badge wallets can hold cash or credit cards. You can reuse these when you go jogging or to the beach, so that you can carry your money and keys securely while keeping them nearby.

Some lanyards are called "breakaway" lanyards because they come apart upon tugging. This a safety precaution often used in schools and hospitals. If the lanyard gets caught on something, it will pull apart so as not to injure the wearer. If safety is a concern, choose breakaway lanyards. Flat lanyards that can be printed are also available in breakaway styles.

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