Printed Plastic Cups

Written by Jill Morrison
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Printed plastic cups can be used for many different types of parties and events. Most party hosts simply purchase disposable plastic cups for guests at parties. By adding printed text or graphics to cups, the event becomes more meaningful. You can personalize cups with company logos, slogans, pictures, messages, or event themes.

Customizing Printed Plastic Cups

Printed plastic cups are most often used for corporate functions such as company picnics, tradeshows, company holiday parties, and promotional events. They are often printed with company logos and may also include company colors and slogans in their design. Printing company logos on cups and distributing them is a great way to increase product awareness and to establish a strong corporate identity.

Some companies prefer to use printed cups for more personal reasons. Printed cups can be given to employees as rewards for hard work and a good work ethic. They can also be given to previous customers or clients as thank you gifts. In these cases, the plastic cups are typically filled with favors or goodies to show appreciation.

Printed plastic cups can also be used for general parties, community functions, schools, sporting evens, reunions, or any events where food and beverages are sold. They can be filled with food or beverages such as sodas, beer, water, candy and popcorn and sold at events. Plastic cups can also be filled with party favors and can be given as prizes.

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