Promotion Giveaways

Written by Linda Alexander
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Promotion giveaways are an effective method of promoting products, reminding people your business exists, and making people feel appreciated. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, no matter how small. They can build relationships, get your foot in the door with prospects, and motivate employees to work harder.

It doesn't matter if you use promotion giveaways at trade shows, sporting events, or through direct mail. What matters is that you use them correctly. As part of a larger marketing strategy to enhance a theme, convey a specific message or promote a new product, they are effective. If you are just randomly giving them away, you are wasting your advertising budget.

Investing in Promotion Giveaways

Speaking of budgets, promotion giveaways span the spectrum from basic to excessive. Anything you can think of, from pencils and keychains to diamond-studded clocks or watches, can be made into an advertising premium. Your money will be spent on the product itself and the design that's imprinted on it.

Consider giveaways that will encourage future sales of your products or services. For example, you could give away a coupon for a discount, or a gift certificate that must be redeemed later for merchandise. That way, multiple contacts with your company are built right into the giveaway. Something with your phone number on it would also work, as customers can call you when they run out of your products.

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