Promotional Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Simple promotions can be a great way for new businesses to gain recognition. They can also be effective for older companies to reengage the public or to advertise for a particular event, sale, or deal that they are offering. Promotional items usually take on simple forms. A person might receive a pen, a button, or a magnet with a company's name and logo on it. These will work as marketing tools for the people who receive them, but they are not very effective at reaching more than one person at a time.

When trying to achieve brand or logo recognition, companies can use promotional items that will be seen by a number of people. This essentially allows them to get more out of the money they spend on marketing. Promotional bags have proven to be very effective. A bag with a logo and company name printed on it will be seen by people who simply pass by the person who is carrying it. In fact, there are customized bags that are designed to be used over and over. They are made of cloth or t-shirt material and they can be used as gym bags or book bags. Also, if a company is doing a promotion, a customized bag containing other items can serve as a good giveaway.

Customizing Promotional Bags

Customizing plastic or even paper bags is relatively inexpensive. Bags can be designed in specific colors and styles, and adding a name, dates and times, or a logo is not that costly. The price of the bags vary depending on size and style.

Buying in bulk will often save money. Customized bags can usually be purchased in groups of 100 or more, and many companies offer price breaks if a company buys a certain amount. Depending on the size of the promotion, a company can reach hundreds of people for under $100.

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