Promotional Business Giveaways

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional business giveaways are great tools for promoting company names and products. Tradeshows and other business events are the most desirable locations for giving out promotional products. You can choose to give away your own products if your budget allows and if your products are not too expensive. If your company sells more expensive products, such as deluxe electronics, you may want to consider customizing general business products instead.

Product Options for Promotional Business Giveaways

Most companies will choose to use small and inexpensive items for promotional business giveaways. Then they can order large quantities of these products without worrying about the cost. Companies will receive more exposure with every extra product that they give out. Some ideas for small promotional products include pens, pencils, notepads, mini letter openers, and magnets. These items are cheap in price, yet they are very useful for most business settings.

Products that can be used on a daily basis make great giveaway items. Examples of these products include calendars, paper cubes, pens, calculators, and mouse pads. Coffee mugs and travel coffee cups also make great promotional gifts since the majority of Americans drink coffee or tea on a daily basis. Any product that can be used often in public situations makes a great promotional tool for companies.

When customizing products for promotional business giveaways, it is most important to print the company name and logo in visible areas on each product. For instance, you may want to print your company name just above the screen on calculators because then the name is guaranteed to be seen each time the calculator is used. You may choose to use the company colors or simply bold colors that stand out from the colors of the products for printing. Text style is also important. The text should reflect the nature of the company and should also be very easy to read.

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