Promotional Coffee Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional coffee mugs make great gifts in the business world. Many businessmen and women drink coffee on a daily basis. Some simply drink coffee in the morning before they go to work, while others will drink coffee throughout their workday. Since coffee drinking is such a prevalent activity in the business world, coffee mugs make great corporate gifts.

Giving Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional coffee mugs are most often given to potential customers at large corporate tradeshows and events. Giving out coffee mugs with company logos printed on them is a great way to advertise the business. It also increases awareness of the company and its products. Since coffee is typically a daily activity, daily opportunities can arise for company logos to be seen on coffee mugs.

Promotional coffee mugs can also be given out as thank you gifts. When given to hard-working employees, you can show your appreciation and encourage employees to continue working hard for the company. Companies may also want to give custom mugs to current clients to show appreciation for their purchases and interest in the company. This tactic often encourages clients to make additional purchases as well.

Promotional mugs can be used for other reasons besides serving coffee in the morning. They can be used as display items on desks or office shelves. They can also hold desk supplies such as paper clips, thumbtacks, pens, pencils, or scissors if desks need some extra organization. Some people prefer to use custom mugs as a place to house a small plants for their offices as well.

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