Promotional Drink Insulators

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional drink insulators are commonly used as promotional gifts or prizes by companies. Drink insulators are practical and functional in addition to being cheap when large quantities are purchased. They fit snugly over beverage cans or bottles to keep them cool. They also keep hands dry and warm while beverages are being held or sipped, so they are appreciated by many.

Acquiring Promotional Drink Insulators

Since drink insulators are useful for all different types of people, they make great promotional items. Companies can print their colors and logos onto drink insulators and give them out as a way to promote business. Since drink insulators can be used on a daily basis, it is likely that company logos will be observed often by those who have received promotional drink insulators.

There are a variety or styles, colors, and materials to choose from for promotional drink insulators. Standard, can holder styles are usually best for promotional items because they can fit over a variety of canned beverages. They can be used on beer, soda, juice, V8 cans, or any other canned beverages. Bottle insulators are another choice, but may not be used as often as can insulators.

You can choose from two different types of materials for drink insulators and they are neoprene and foam. Neoprene is a desirable material for promotional insulators because it is thin, lightweight, and collapsible. Neoprene insulators can be folded and sent easily by mail. Insulating foam is usually cheaper and more insulating, but it is thicker and cannot be stored or transported as easily.

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