Promotional Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Promotional gifts, overall, are excellent business-building tools. You might be proud to show off your company's name or logo, but don't be too generous with your giveaways. If you give them to select people, they are perceived as more valuable than if everybody on the street gets one.

The Impact of Your Message through Promotional Gifts

If you carefully target who receives your promotional gifts, your message will be more meaningful. Giving them away to everybody who walks into your office will quickly deplete your inventory, as well as dilute your message. Giving them to contest winners, or in exchange for filling out a survey, will mean more to recipients.

On the other hand, I have seen people give freebies away like mad at trade shows. Tied into an event, giveaways work like an ever-present ad for your products. Likely, attendees will walk around with them on the show floor, promoting your booth. After the show, they might end up keeping the item on their desk for years.

People appreciate promotional gifts, too. Everybody likes something for free, and even more important, everybody likes to feel special by receiving a gift. So if you're stumped as to what you can do for visibility or name recognition during this slow economy, consider working some promotional products into your marketing plan.

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