Promotional Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional gifts are effective tools for increasing company awareness in general and among prospective clients. Companies will typically print their company names and logos onto products to hand out as promotional gifts. These products may have nothing to do with the purpose of the company. Their primary purpose is to advertise the name of the company as much as possible.

Promotional Gift Possibilities

Nearly any product can be used as a promotional gift. For effective promotion, companies should print their names and logos in noticeable areas on the products. It is also wise to give out products that can be used often by many people. For instance, sticky notes, magnets, pens, and calendars are common items in business and in homes. They can be used on a daily basis; therefore, the advertising possibilities with these products are endless.

Small promotional products such as pens and magnets are common choices for promotional gifts. These items are fairly inexpensive to purchase in bulk amounts, so companies have the option to give out more products in this case. When more products are given out by a company, more opportunities for advertising a business will arise. Most companies have noticed considerable improvements from using imprinted gifts as promotional marketing tools.

If your company is interested in purchasing higher quality gifts or smaller amounts of promotional gifts, there are many other products to choose from besides writing utensils and pads of paper. Glassware such as coffee mugs and wine glasses can be imprinted with company information. You can also choose to imprint or embroider clothing items such as shirts, jackets, or caps to use as promotional products. Prospective clients will recognize your efforts when you give them higher quality gifts.

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