Promotional Glassware

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional glassware can be imprinted with a company logo in order to promote a business. The type of glassware that is chosen for imprinting will depend on the type of business that is being represented. A company that is related to sports, sales, food and beverages, or casual activities may choose pilsner glasses or beer mugs. On the other hand, more distinguished companies may choose wine or champagne glasses for promotions.

Using Promotional Glassware

Promotional glassware can be used as gifts or for a variety of special business events. Companies can choose to present glassware to individuals or to a group at a business party or gathering. Many companies will choose to give promotional glasses to important clients or customers as thank you gifts. Promotional glasses can also be given to potential clients as a tool that entices them to make a purchase.

Promotional glassware can simply be imprinted with a company logo, or specific colors can also be used. You can have colorful logos imprinted onto clear glasses, or you can imprint white logos onto clear glasses. Clear glassware is usually the best choice because it is simple and matches the colors and styles of any home or office.

You can choose from a variety of glassware styles for promotional gifts. Beer mugs, mixing glasses, and tumblers are the most common choices for promotional styles of glassware. These glassware styles can be displayed on desks and can be filled with office tools such as pens, pencils, scissors, or letter openers. Other available styles of glassware for promotions include shot, iced tea, frosted, rocks, highball, martini, hurricane, and old fashion glasses.

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