Promotional Insulated Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional insulated mugs are thermal travel mugs that are imprinted with company information. They are often purchased in bulk amounts to give away at corporate events or meetings. Companies can increase awareness for their business by printing their logos on insulated travel mugs. A custom mug not only advertises the company name to the mug recipient, but also to everyone who sees the mug being used by that person.

Qualities of Promotional Insulated Mugs

Promotional insulated mugs are highly effective promotional tools because thermal mugs are desirable by many. Thermal mugs can keep heated beverages hot for at least an hour and chilled beverages cold for at least two hours. They have dual wall insulation so that you cannot feel condensation or the temperature of the beverage while gripping the mug.

Insulated mugs can be found in a variety of exterior materials and colors. Plastic exteriors are often found in colors such as red, blue, yellow, burgundy, granite, pearl, green, teal, black and white. Each mug also comes equipped with a matching plastic lid. Plastic is a necessary choice for lids because it prevents you from burning your lips on the lid while sipping a hot beverage.

Promotional insulated mugs can be screen printed with company logos, colors, or slogans. They can be given to previous customers, potential clients, or hard-working employees to express gratitude. If you are looking for more impressive materials for the exterior of your thermal mugs, you can find copper or stainless steel designs instead of plastic.

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