Promotional Marketing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional marketing is an excellent method for reaching prospective clients in business. It can also help companies to maintain relationships with clients that have already been established. Promotional products can be used as inducements to purchase, as gifts for good customers or employees, as awards, or as trade show giveaways. Regardless of the reason, giving out promotional products allows for companies to increase awareness for their products and services.

Promotional Marketing Strategies

In order to create promotional products, companies must think of unique and useful products that can capture the attention of prospective clients. Most companies will choose relatively inexpensive products for promotional gifts so that they can purchase large quantities of these products. In general, the more products that are given out, the more a company will benefit from the exposure. Therefore, small, inexpensive items, such as pens, bottle openers, and magnets are often purchased in bulk amounts to use for promotional reasons.

When companies are designing promotional gifts, they will often have their company names and logos printed on the products. Depending on the products you are using, you can choose from different methods for imprinting. Silk screening, four color printing, lenticular printing, and sublimation printing are popular options. If you are printing on clothing or similar items, you may also want to consider using embroidery.

After creating promotional products, companies must then decide on locations for promotional marketing. Trade shows are great locations for giveaways because most of the attendants are truly there to discover new products and to obtain new services. Companies can also compile a list of prospective clients and send them promotional products by mail. Sometimes, it does not matter who receives the products. It is most important for the company name to be advertised in general.

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