Promotional Materials

Written by Linda Alexander
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Look around your office and you are likely to see promotional materials you have collected over the years. These simple items, personalized with a company's logo, have likely been sitting there for years. You probably have magnets, pens, stress balls, and letter openers with company logos on them filling your desk drawers.

These promotional materials are called ad specialties. They are a cost effective, yet not often used marketing tool. Literally thousands of different items can be imprinted with your logo, and unlike traditional ads, these promotional products can stay in your prospects' offices (or homes) for years. They leave a lasting impression, particularly if the items are useful or decorative. Every time they use that letter opener, customers will see your company name and be reminded of your services.

Other Uses for Promotional Materials

Sometimes marketers need to get creative; for the money you spend, promotional materials leave a lasting impression. You could also use them to foster teamwork among your employees, or celebrate an event such as a charity walk or anniversary party. People hold on to mementos, such as t-shirts, from these events for years.

To get the most out of ad specialties, be sure to order well in advance. Turnaround time is often quick when imprinting products; a week or two is all it usually takes. But allow extra time in case you need to make changes, if the artwork is not received properly, if the specialty supplier makes a mistake, or if shipping is held up. Even with a reliable supplier, sometimes things go wrong. Also, distribute the products once you get them! They do you no good in their boxes. You need to get them in the hands of prospects, customers, and employees so they can start using them and remembering your name.

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