Promotional Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional mugs are great advertising tools for businesses. They can be given out at large corporate functions such as tradeshows or company parties. Companies can choose to customize beer mugs or coffee mugs, depending on their preference. Beer mugs are great for parties and also make nice display items for desks in offices. Coffee mugs are useful because a majority of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.

By printing company logos onto mugs, businesses can establish corporate identity and promote business. Beer mugs can be seen often if they are put on display or used for many functions. Coffee mugs are usually the best choice for promotional mugs because there are more opportunities for them to be seen. Coffee drinkers and those around them will be exposed to printed company logos often when coffee mugs are used on a daily basis.

Creating Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs can be ordered from certain websites on the Internet. You can send your company logos, slogans, or any text you want to use by e-mail or by mail to printing companies. Make sure to double check your text for any errors before submitting what you want to be printed on your mugs.

When choosing colors and materials for promotional coffee or beer mugs, you should consider the style and colors of the text that you wish to use. For instance, if your company logo is red and black, you should not print onto a red or black mug. White would be a better option because it completely contrasts with the colors of the logo. You should choose mug colors that let your text and logos stand out on custom mugs.

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