Promotional Paper Cubes

Written by Jill Morrison
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Promotional paper cubes are excellent for business promotion because they can be very useful on any desk. Paper cubes are basically stacks of small papers that form a cube. The most common size of paper for paper cubes is 4" X 4," but they are also available in larger sizes. For a stack of paper sheets to be considered a paper cube, they must be shaped in a perfect square. Many paper cubes also come with special holders to keep them in place on a desk.

Options of Promotional Paper Cubes

Paper cubes are often used in business to quickly jot down notes or contact information. Many people keep them on their desk for easy access to paper while they are talking on the phone. The papers in cubes are small enough to fit on any desk and are accessible when you need to write something down quickly. Because paper cubes can be used in nearly every type of business, they can make great promotional tools when company logos are printed on them.

Paper cubes can be found in plain white, plain colors, or with prints. You can take any color of paper and print company logos or information on them as well. Then, each time a piece of paper is used from a paper cube, the company name that is printed on the paper will be advertised. Promotional paper cubes make great gifts for potential clients, valuable customers, or to show appreciation for hard-working employees.

Promotional paper cubes can be made from standard sheets of paper or sticky notes. Adhesive papers allow you to stick your notes in different places, such as on a wall or on your desk, to serve as reminders. If you are not interested in standard square cut cubes, you can also have your notepads die cut into specific shapes. For instance, you may want to create paper cubes that are shaped as apples if you are in the teaching profession. You can choose nearly any shape that would relate to your type of business for custom promotional paper cubes.

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