Promotional Plastic Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Advertising has seeped into almost every facet of American society. Businesses have managed to get their names and logos on cabs, buses, billboards, and just about everything else. The problem with a lot of marketing tools, though, is that they don't actually reach a lot of people. Also, they can be very expensive.

In order to get the most out of their money, many companies have begun to use promotional bags. These are most effective for retailers and companies that are visiting trade shows. Retailers give out bags to any customer who makes a purchase, so they are simply turning a practical item into an ad. Companies at trade shows want as many people as possible to see their name and logo. Promotional bags can be set up as a display, and as they're taken people throughout the show will see them.

The Cost of Promotional Plastic Bags

One of the best things about using plastic bags as marketing tools is that they do not cost that much money. 100 smaller bags (3" x 4") can be purchased from some distributors for only a few dollars. Larger bags are more expensive, and the cost of customizing will vary, but a company that uses bags for promos will reach a lot of people without spending a fortune.

Designing and ordering customized bags can be done quickly and easily. Companies that provide the service can consult with a business in regards to design. However, if a business owner has a good idea of what he wants he can go online and design the bag himself. He can choose from an array of colors, print fonts, and designs. Logos and specialized text can also be printed on the bag.

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