Promotional Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many companies use promotional products to increase potential sales and awareness for their companies. Almost any product can be used for promotional reasons in business. Companies will typically imprint products with company names and logos to use as promotional gifts. They may also imprint company colors, slogans, or contact information if desired. When companies give out promotional products as gifts, their names will be promoted every time these products are used.

Options of Promotional Products

Most companies will choose to purchase small and inexpensive items for promotional gifts. Then, they can afford to purchase bulk amounts of these products to give away. Tradeshows and other business functions are great locations for corporate giveaways. Some popular items for promotional gifts include pens, pencils, magnets, notepads, and bottle openers. These items are useful in business settings and in homes, so they are great marketing tools since they can be used regularly.

Some companies will increase marketing possibilities by purchasing promotional products that can be used on a daily basis. For instance, calendars, paper cubes, and mouse pads are items that can be used daily on most office desks. When these products are printed with company logos, company names will be on display for all to see. Calendars are often posted on walls, so they are observed often and mouse pads are observed every time a computer is utilized.

Creating Promotional Clothing Items

Clothing items are popular choices for promotional products in business. They appear to be expensive, but companies can actually purchase bulk amounts of t shirts or caps for fairly inexpensive prices. Other items that can be customized include jackets, backpacks, and tote bags. Bags can be a little more expensive than other clothing items, but they are very useful for marketing and are often appreciated by their recipients. Clothing items make great tradeshow giveaways and employee gifts.

Customized clothing is often used for employee or staff uniforms. Matching shirts are common for restaurant workers, alumni groups, camps, sports teams, retail businesses, and other organizations. For employee uniforms, most businesses will choose polo or button down styles for shirts as opposed to t shirts. These styles look more professional and are usually made from higher quality materials. Company logos can be printed, attached with a patch, or embroidered onto shirts, depending on company preferences.

Using Promotional Products for Business Gifts

Promotional products can be used as gifts for valuable clients or employees. These gifts are usually more elaborate and expensive than promotional gifts that are given out at tradeshows. Companies will not have to purchase as large of quantities for these types of gifts. When giving to valuable clients, companies may want to choose items such as deluxe calculators, appointment books, letter openers, or coffee mugs. These items will remind clients of your generosity each time that they are used.

When giving to employees, many companies will choose to purchase products that relate to the company or to business in general. Some companies will choose wacky gifts for their employees, such as imprinted stress balls or unique mouse pads. Stress balls are comical gifts that allow employees to squeeze away any office stress. Many options of unique mouse pads are available, such as carpet covered, ultra thin, liquid motion, and specially shaped mouse pads for creative employee gifts.

Using Promotional Products in Gift Shops

Gift shops can be found in hotels, theme parks, museums, historical landmarks, and at other attractions. Gift shops are usually set up to provide basic necessities such as toiletries, snacks, and medicine in addition to souvenirs or collector's items. Many of the products in gift shops are customized with the names of locations or favorite attractions. For instance, museums may have products that have the name of each museum printed on them in addition to products with artwork designs printed on them. Popular gift shop items that can be customized include mugs, clothing, bags, pens, magnets, caps, and card decks. These products can be very helpful for promoting attractions and landmarks.

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