Promotional Products

Written by James Lyons
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There's nothing more attractive than the word "free." When you give stuff away that people can use, you can't give it away fast enough. Even incredibly wealthy people have been known to take the free towels, soap and shampoo from their hotel rooms. The next time you go to a trade show, examine the booths giving away free promotional products. Compare the traffic at those booths to the booths giving away nothing.

Promotional products should be emblazoned with your business's name and/or logo so you can increase visibility outside the company walls. Mugs, pens, t-shirts, clocks, sun glasses, and a million other things can be custom made to sport your company's message or logo. These items effectively generate name recognition and customer loyalty as well as anything else.

Hey, Big Spender

In fact, in 1999, companies spent over $13 billion on promotional marketing products like the ones mentioned above. In 1990, businesses spent $5 billion on these promotional products, so there's an obvious escalation in this type of spending. The reasons are obvious--this facet of marketing works. Many marketing experts believe promotional products can be more influential than television ads, magazine ads, and other forms of marketing.

What's your company's marketing budget? What percentage of the budget goes to advertising and what percentage goes to business promotional products? You might want to adjust your budget if what you've been doing hasn't yielded the desired results. Make sure you have some type of tracking system in place so you can measure the results.

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