Promotional Products - Imprinted Items And Logo Products

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Promotional products can help introduce your company to new customers. Custom promotional products can also remind old customers of your relationship with them. If you put out a quality product or service, customers will be happy to have your phone number right on hand with a refrigerator magnet or printed pen. Often, the company a customer returns to again and again is the one with the phone number that's easiest to reach--the phone number that's right on their refrigerator.

Of course, promotional products have come a long way since key chains and magnets. How about unexpected, whimsical promotional gifts, like pet accessories or pet apparel? How about upscale business promotional products, like cigar sets? What about unusual yet every day items, like lip balm or mints?

Creating a Lasting Impression with Promotional Products

A person can visit your shop, restaurant or store, have a perfectly lovely experience, and never visit you again. If they leave with an inexpensive but slick-looking tin of breath mints, they will be reminded of your company at least 30 times--every time they shake out a mint. Promo products don't have to be pricey to make a lasting impression.

Of course, inexpensive gifts might not be as ideal for certain companies as they are for the local pizzeria or auto body shop. Sometimes, you have to give your customers or corporate associates a taste of luxury, to match your company's branding and vibe. Cigar gifts, embroidered apparel, and golf gifts might be more appropriate gifts with which to advertise your company.

Promotional Products and Name Recognition

Name recognition is the key. People feel so much more comfortable using a product or enjoying a service from a company with which they are very familiar. Have you ever listened to morning radio, and heard one of those promo spots where they reward a caller for repeating the station i.d. as many times as possible in a minute? You know that people all over the city are driving to work, repeating the radio station identification as quickly as they can, in case they are the chosen caller. Name recognition through name repetition is everything.

The best place to buy promotional products is online. Rather than perusing a bulky catalogue, or visiting a marketing office to speak with a representative, you can view literally hundreds if not thousands of cool promo gifts with the click of a button. Not all internet marketing companies are created the same, however.

Make sure you look for a company with an open-door communication policy. You don't want to farm this work out to a factory where they don't speak your language, and where they're going to give you the exact same treatment as everyone else. You want your company to be treated with the kind of personal care you deserve. Look for phone numbers, e mail addresses, and an open invitation to visit the office, call or write.

Finding the Right Supplier

You want a company that can do everything for you. Don't hire someone who's going to have your promotional products designed in one place, printed in another, and packaged in another. Look for a company that can do it all, in house. This'll save you both time and money. When a company can do it all, they can offer quick turnaround times and hands-on attention from start to finish.

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