Sales Promotion Agencies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Sales promotion agencies are similar to advertising agencies, but usually smaller and more specialized. Some ad agencies have sales promotion divisions within them that concentrate only on promotions. Sales promotion agencies function like ad agencies, their people have similar skills, but with sales promotion, staff members are more entrepreneurial.

The People at Sales Promotion Agencies

Working for a smaller agency, employees are less likely to be stuck in a structured job description. Thus, the people you work with at agencies are more likely to have the authority to make decisions or changes to campaigns based on your needs. Your account executives will be able to handle everything from strategic marketing to writing copy, to coordinating vendors for your projects.

Functions of sales promotion agencies vary. Some agencies are more adept at planning and logistics. Others can handle more tactical functions like sweepstakes, merchandising, incentives, and prize fulfillment. Before you hire an agency, decide which skills you need more--or if you need both types. Then seek out the agencies that can handle them.

Choosing an agency is a tough decision. Be sure to talk to current and former clients and get their opinions on the agency you are considering. At the agency, interview staff members to find out what types of projects they handle, the kind of volume they are used to, and their usually turnaround time. Then base your decision on those that meet the most of your criteria.

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