School Watches

Written by Jill Morrison
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School watches are designed to reflect school spirit or achievement at a particular school. They are often given as awards or gifts for occasions such as graduations. You can also use watches to sell at school fundraisers. Fundraiser watches may be generic in style, or they may be customized by each person who purchases a watch.

Uses for School Watches

Depending on the purpose of a school watch, you can choose from a plethora of watch styles. If you are giving a watch as a gift, you should choose a style and materials that reflect the personality and taste of the gift recipient. You may want to observe the jewelry that this person wears or ask them for their preference in watch materials to make your decision.

If you want to use school watches for fundraisers, you should make a variety of styles available to purchase. A great way to entice people to purchase a school watch is to allow them to customize their own watch. You could allow people to print messages, images, dates, names, logos, etc. on their watches to attract their attention. Of course, you should also mention the purpose of your fundraiser and where the funds will be going when you are selling watches.

When participating in a school fundraiser, you should make your school watches available to all sorts of people, including students in your school. You can sell them during school hours or at school events, such as football games, to maximize your selling potential. You might also want to wear a custom watch to show an example of what people can purchase.

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