Scratch And Win Games

Written by Linda Alexander
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Scratch and win games provide instant gratification to participants. Who doesn't like to scratch the card and discover that he or she has won? Even if the prize is as small as another bottle of soda, scratch and win games are just plain fun.

"Brick to Click" Scratch and Win Games

For a new twist on scratch and win games, you could run an online promotion. Tying your offline game card with an online contest keeps customers interested. It may also provide them with another chance to win!

To do this, you can print numbers on the card. A contestant would then have to scratch the card to reveal a number, then go to your website to find out if his or hers is the winning number. On the website, you could run other promotions, offer a discount, and collect marketing information about your visitors. Provide links to your other products and watch your sales spike.

Game cards are created to generate excitement among players, and they do very well at it. Everybody likes to win something, whether it's a 50-cent coupon or a Jeep Grand Cherokee. For your next promotion, consider a scratch and win game to draw attention to your company, build interest in your products, and reward your loyal customers.

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