Silkscreened Shirt

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Silkscreened shirts make great promotional items. In fact, you can silkscreen just about anything, from baby bibs to sports jerseys to beach towels to sweaters. Silkscreened shirts, however, are probably the most popular silkscreened items available today.

One of the great things about silkscreened shirts is the quality of the look. The initial set up costs of creating the screen might cost a bit, but it's well worth it. The look is professional and slick. These promotional products don't look like promos--they look like high-end, high-quality shirts.

Silksreened Shirts for Double Duty

Silkscreened shirts and tank tops perform a double duty. First, they promote to the customer who is wearing the shirt, reminding him or her of the positive experience he or she had with your company. Second, they advertise to the general public. In business, name recognition is so incredibly important. Promotional apparel can help you create name recognition.

Whether you give away shirts in-house to your employees, sell them in stores, or give them away as freebies to customers, just make sure they're cool. Look for a promo company with a really good design staff. Ugly promo shirts all end up in the same place--at the local thrift shop. If you actually want people to wear your shirts, make sure they look cool enough to wear.

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