Splash Pages

Written by Linda Alexander
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Splash pages have not been received well by web visitors. In fact, the more savvy web surfers, as well as the more savvy web companies, think splash pages are a waste of time. Perhaps their concept comes from people wanting to appear savvy.

Splash pages are a fun, creative way to show off your design skills. They work well for web and graphic designers and developers. Adding them to a portfolio is a colorful way to showcase your work.

Skip Intro Links on Splash Pages

However, users most often skip them. Why create a "skip intro" link if your users are actually going to watch the splash page demo? The mere fact that you need a link to skip it is evidence that most surfers want to skip it, and get right to the heart of your website. Home pages are there for navigation. Nobody stays on them anyway--people go there to find the link to their destination page.

Another reason splash pages are ineffective is because they are not recognized by search engines. So, if your splash page will ruin your chances of high search engine rankings, there is no reason to create one. Unless of course, you are an artist displaying your design skills.

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