In Store Promotions

Written by Linda Alexander
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In store promotions have undergone significant changes in recent years. They are currently enjoying a resurgence, which is bringing in more sales and better results than ever to marketers. New point of sale systems have created new promotional venues, allowing companies to measure their ROI more accurately.

Real Time Results with in Store Promotions

With real time reporting, in store promotions today are alerting retailers, nearly in real time, as to whether the promotions are working. If they are not meeting expectations, the alerts come early enough for marketers to make changes. This could include moving inventory around, letting store managers know if products are sold out, or if a display is empty.

If they are meeting or exceeding expectations, marketers can add on more promotions or tweak the campaign to get more information or sales from its customers. Using marketing data collected, such as customer buying patterns, allows marketers to custom tailor in store promotions. These highly targeted campaigns eliminate waste such as junk mail, and companies can target individuals through email, further reducing costs and waste.

By targeting so specifically, the promotions lead to fast returns. If you are looking to do some promotion within your stores, consider installing a new POS display. Many are interactive, adding to the customer's experience with the product or brand. Then, the chance that the customer will make an impulse buy is further increased.

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