Sun Glasses

Written by James Lyons
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In my life, I've lost so many pairs of sun glasses, it's actually embarrassing. I can't tell you how many gas stations I've wasted money in buying cheap pairs of sun glasses so I could look good on the beach. Unfortunately, the sun glasses didn't hide my "love handles" no matter how hip the sun glasses looked. Anyway, as a promotional item, sun glasses might work for your business.

Who do you plan on giving the sun glasses to? If you're planning on distributing sun glasses to your clients, are they the type of people who wear them? Is your business located in or near a beach community? Are your clients the type of people who enjoy the outdoors? What are their hobbies? Will they wear the sun glasses that sport your company's logo?

The Power of Corporate Apparel

Would you like to get company logo sun glasses for your employees? I'm a big advocate of custom corporate apparel, especially if it's done well. If you are able to create apparel that looks good, apparel your employees, managers and executives will wear, you will notice a discernable, positive difference in morale and productivity.

Subtle things like that are the difference between good companies and extraordinary ones. Attention to detail is something that should start at the top and permeate throughout the entire company. Being specific, means ordering specific pieces of corporate apparel that specifically caters to the tastes of your staff. Bottom line: create stuff they will use and wear so people outside the company walls will notice.

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