Written by Linda Alexander
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Sweepstakes have come a long way in recent years. With the advent of the Internet, and recent developments in technology, winners can receive their prizes as fast as their online connections will allow. Many marketers are turning toward online and digital fulfillment to please their instant-gratification-seeking customers.

Companies are viewing online fulfillment as a less expensive, more efficient way to entice people to participate in sweepstakes. There is no longer a need to wait six to eight weeks for your prize to show up in your mailbox. But don't be fooled--this method helps marketers, too.

How Instant-Win Sweepstakes Help Marketers

Winning instantly does please the public, but it also aids marketers too. When customers enter their information online, it goes right into a database, eliminating the costly step of data entry. So companies save on labor, as well as the physical fulfillment of prizes.

Physical fulfillment is not going away, however. You can't download a car or house or other grand prizes. So what sweepstakes administrators are doing is combining both efforts: consumers might have to enter a package code online, then they can choose a music download or a ringtone as an instant reward. The grand prize drawing will be held later on, and this is a win/win compromise for both marketers and prize winners.

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