Written by Jill Morrison
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Timepieces include any objects that can tell the time of day. A timepiece will usually have a hand that tells the hour, a hand that tells the minutes, and possibly a hand that tells the seconds as well. Some modern digital versions do not have hands and simply reveal the exact time of day by showing numbers. A timepiece with hands typically makes a better gift because of its antique appeal.

Different Types of Timepieces

There are many different types and styles of timepieces that you can purchase. The most common types for gifts are stand-up clocks, and watches. You can also choose from pocket watches, medallion watches, wall clocks, mini clocks, alarm clocks, and custom-made clocks. When giving a timepiece as a gift, you may want to purchase an antique clock or you can customize a certain type of clock to personalize the gift.

Clocks and watches can be customized in many different ways. One of the mot popular types of customized products is logo watches. Logo watches are printed with the logo of a certain company or organization. They are great for corporate gifts and to advertise a company by wearing them in public places.

Timepieces can be printed or imprinted with a variety of designs or text groupings. You can print a personal message or design on the face of a timepiece. You can also imprint or engrave a message on the back of a timepiece or on the strap of a watch. There are many different materials that can be used to make a custom timepiece, including wood, metal, leather, plastic, paint, crystal, precious metals, gems, and glass.

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