Trade Show Bag Racks

Written by Michael Federico
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Most companies bring customized bags to a trade show. They use them as giveaways and as a convenient way to hand out informative brochures and other imprinted items. When displayed properly, the bags can be a draw for people on the trade show floor.

There are a number of different bag racks on the market. Some are designed to allow for creative displays. Others are far more straightforward, serving both a practical and marketing purpose. Whether companies want to create bag displays that are unlike any others out there or they simply want a place to store their giveaways during a show, it is important that they find a bag rack that is easy to set up and easy to move. This will make things much easier for the people who are covering the booths at the show.

Buying Trade Show Bag Racks

There are several bag manufacturers that also carry bag racks. They generally offer a few different models. If a manufacturer has a website it should be possible to view photos of particular racks before purchasing them.

Printers that specialize in customizing bags offer another option for finding racks. They will often have displays that have been produced specifically for trade shows, as much of their business is show oriented. These printers can also handle a company's customizing needs, so they allow a business to make just one order when heading off to a trade show. Some services will even offer packages that include a certain number of imprinted bags, a bag display rack, and other imprinted materials.

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