Trade Show Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Trade shows are still a major way for companies to attract new business, make contacts, and touch base with their current clients. There are trade shows for almost every industry. Often they take place over several days and are held in cities that offer entertainment and a bit of nightlife. This gives companies a chance to "wine and dine" prospective clients when the show is done for the day.

Whether a trade show is for giants of the electronics industry or small specialty retailers, it is crucial for companies to get people interested in their products or services. There are a number of different ways to do this. Many booths will feature product demonstrations, or they will actually let visitors try a product out for themselves. Most companies will also have brochures or other written materials that cover certain aspects of their business.

Trade Show Giveaways

The giveaway is a mainstay at trade shows across the country. People, on the whole, like to get things for free. A company that is giving things away is likely to get a number of visitors to their table. This is true even if the giveaways are small items like pens and mugs.

Customized bags generally make very good giveaway items. They make it easy for a company to display its name, logo, and any pertinent information. Also, if there are other items inside, they are seen as "gift bags," which are usually a good draw. Bags will most likely be carried around the entire trade show floor, so the company's name will be viewed by a large number of people throughout the day.

Customizing Trade Show Bags

Customizing a bag to fit a company's specific needs is not that difficult. Printing services offer a variety of color, shape, style, and design options. A company can submit their logo or a specific design concept, or they can go with a generic design to accompany their name.

When businesses travel to trade shows they usually count on handing out a lot of giveaways. Customized plastic bags can be ordered in bulk for a relatively low price. Also, bags are not going to go bad, so if a company doesn't have as many visitors as it had planned on, the bags can be saved for the next show.

Types of Trade Show Bags

Both plastic and paper bags can be customized. There are generally more options with plastic bags, though. They can be transparent, colored, or frosted. Designs are usually clearer on plastic bags, so they can be a bit more detailed and elaborate. There are also cloth and even t-shirt trade show bags.

There are a variety of shapes and handle styles for trade show bags, as well. There are fold-over die-cut handles, snap handles, patch handles, and many more. There are triangle and trapezoid bags, along with multi-fold and standard open bags. When a person is deciding on bags for a trade show, he should figure out how much he is willing to spend. Unlike in an open shopping environment, bags will be seen by most passers-by at a trade show, so it is not always necessary to go with high-end bags. A simple plastic bag with solid print work is often enough to get the job done.

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