Trade Show Giveaway

Written by Jill Morrison
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Trade show giveaway products create a celebratory environment that helps to assure a successful event. They may be included in pre-show promotion and at the trade show. Product choices are plentiful with complete descriptions and guidelines available through promotional companies and online. A successful trade show must include setting objectives, pre-show promotion, training, and follow-up. Giveaway products are an important part of the process.

Trade show organizers often provide giveaways to exhibitors as a token of appreciation to encourage loyalty and future support. T-shirts and baseball caps are popular promotional items. Imprinted with the trade show name, they provide valuable advertising. Stadium-style cups are another typical choice. They are imprinted with trade show name or logo and given away with the purchase of a drink.

Options for Trade Show Giveaway Products

Products are available for general purposes to fit all events. These include magnets, mugs, and pens. Often, trade show giveaway products follow the theme of the show. An automobile show might give out key chains. A toy show may choose imprinted plush toys. A stationery trade show often provides imprinted note pads or note cubes while a sporting goods show might hand out sports beverage bottles.

Exhibitors also provide trade show giveaways to those who visit their booth. These free products are meant to provide a small taste of their product line. In most cases, giveaways lead to increased interest and hopefully to improved sales. Online companies make choosing giveaway products simple and convenient.

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