Vehicle Marketing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Vehicle marketing is a form of mobile marketing using a motor vehicle as a rolling billboard. Once considered radical, vehicle marketing is being used more and more often now than in the past. Entire campaigns are built around the vehicle, which will tour a city, state, or the entire country, promoting products and enhancing interactivity with consumers.

Planning Is Key to Vehicle Marketing Success

The key to a successful marketing campaigns with vehicles is planning. First, plan your calendar with your most important appearances. In between, you can fit in meetings with prospects. Later, you can tweak your calendar as necessary, adding or subtracting dates or events from your vehicle marketing tour.

The idea of using a vehicle to market products is not new; in fact, the Oscar Mayer hot dog mobile has been around for about 65 years. However, the realization that such marketing is effective is just beginning now. Like direct selling, vehicle marketing takes your product directly to your prospects and customers through demonstrations, training, recruiting and selling.

If you are thinking of using a vehicle to market your services, consult with an agency that handles mobile marketing. An agency with experience in mobile marketing will help you get the most out of your tour. Combined with events and sponsorships, and integrated into your overall marketing strategy, your mobile marketing vehicle will attract the attention of millions.

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