Watch And Win

Written by Linda Alexander
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Watch and win contests are another promotional marketing strategy to add to your mix. Promotional marketing agencies will handle the administration for you; some will even handle planning, logistics, and prize fulfillment. Running a sweepstakes game like this will create buzz, draw traffic to your site, and increase sales of your products.

A Popular Watch and Win Variation

The prospect of winning high-value prizes is what brings most viewers into watch and win contests. There are different variations of this contest, both offline and online. The most popular watch and win is where you mail promotional pieces to your market, each with a specific number or code on it. During a specific program or date and time, your viewers will watch you broadcast the winning number. If the winning viewer calls you (or the station) within a specified time limit, they win the prize.

Aside from watching particular television programs, consumers also partake in listen and win competitions on the radio. This is similar to a television promotion, except the winning number is read over the radio rather than on tv. But these are not the only ways to get consumers' attention.

Today, online games and contests are just as popular. And the prospect of big prizes is still the motivating factor. Online contests are a way for marketers to collect data about their audiences, by having the entrants fill out a form as part of the game. Another idea is the instant win game, which combines offline and online promotion--codes or numbers are printed on product labels (such as the inside of a bottlecap); contestants can log on to a website to see if theirs is the winning number.

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