Wholesale Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lanyards are great promotional items because they are highly visible as well as functional. You can put your name, logo, or other message on lanyards at a low cost and have it seen by thousands of people many times over. Companies use lanyards at trade shows and events and fundraisers, and to hold ID cards, employee badges, and keys. You might have a need for a specific style of lanyards and rest assured, there is a lanyard out there for you.

Wholesale lanyards are made in several fabrics and styles. They come blank or imprinted and you can get economical lanyards to full-featured nylon ones. They come in unlimited colors and lengths. Break-away connectors ensure safety in case the lanyards get caught while people are wearing them. You also have a choice of literally hundreds of hardware attachments, such as steel rings, D-clips, bulldog clips, badge holders, push-release buckles, plastic side squeeze buckles with straps, and swivel clips.

Wide, Narrow, Round and Flat Lanyards

Shoelace lanyards, made of polyester twill material, are round and thin. There are also cotton or nylon lanyards you can order at wholesale with a single color imprint. If you need a retractable lanyard, there are breakaway cords with slide size adjusters and round plastic badge reels with vinyl straps. Lanyards are also made to hold larger items, such as water bottles and flashlights.

Wholesale lanyards come in a variety of widths as well, from thin round cord styles to one-inch wide flat lanyards. Your message can either be silk screened, dyed, or woven into the fabric. When you order wholesale, you will usually have to order a minimum of 500 pieces, but the bulk discount will be worth it. For large events or ongoing needs, it is worth it to order in large quantities because the price per piece will be so much lower than if you pay retail.

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