Window Posters

Written by Linda Alexander
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Window posters are a popular way to draw attention to a product within a retail environment. If you are considering using posters in your marketing, remember that retailers are often bombarded with requests to display point of sale marketing materials. So make your window posters stand out from the crowd, and ensure that your retailer will benefit from hanging the posters in the store window.

Window Posters Encourage Last-Minute Purchases

Window posters capitalize on the fact that millions of purchasing decisions are made at the last minute. A customer may walk into a convenience store to pay for a gas purchase, for example, and end up buying coffee, doughnuts, and a pack of gum for the road. Posters likely influenced those decisions.

We have all made impulse buys and posters are highly effective at persuading people to buy products now. But posters, like all ads, require skill to be effective. So when choosing an agency to write your copy, design the posters, and print them, be sure they agency has experience with promotion marketing. Otherwise, your money goes out the window along with the posters!

One other thing to consider when choosing an agency is the poster supplier. Who will you be working with in the field? How will they ensure delivery of the posters, and that retailers are instructed when and where to use the posters? Talk it over with your agency before developing your campaign, and if necessary, talk with their current and former clients to get their opinions.

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