Woven Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Strong polyester fabric is used to make woven lanyards. These custom lanyards are made with your text or logo embroidered right into the material. With these, you can have single or multi-colored logos and text. Don't forget, you have your choice of attachments for the ends of the lanyards.

Woven lanyards are customized and woven with yarn rather than printed. The benefits are fine detail or a chunkier look, whichever you prefer. However, you cannot do Pantone color matching with woven lanyards. If you need a specific PMS color, you will need to have your lanyards printed rather than woven.

Dye sublimation is the printing method used for color matching. It is also the most costly way to print lanyards, but if you can afford it, the results will be worth the price. Other choices for printing include silk screening or heat transfer. The heat transfer process allows for very fine detail and multiple colors.

Durable and High Perceived Value

Another benefit to using woven lanyards is that your imprint will never fade or rub off (as some cheaper printing processes will do). The lanyards and the imprints are available in many different colors. They clearly identify your logo, company name, or other message with an embroidered look. The value, both real and perceived, of these lanyards is high. The quality fabric used in them is also durable, making them ideal for long-term use.

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