Neighborhood Information

Written by Samuel Wong
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As a buyer considering a move to a new home, there are many factors in deciding where to settle. The range of factors can vary from client to client but usually includes things like weather, job location, and proximity to family members. What seems to be the most important factor in deciding a final destination is the makeup of a community.

Finding neighborhood information can be a time consuming task for a buyer when he or she does not a real estate agent available to help. Real estate agents have access to property profile reports which they obtain from their title companies. These property profiles contain many aspects of a neighborhood's composition--information potential buyers like to know.

Provide Your Clients with Neighborhood Information

Property profiles generally contain information about the area surrounding the subject property. There are listings of public and private schools at all grade levels and their respective academic test scores. There is also a brief guide to educate a buyer on the rating system used to score schools. Another commonly used feature of the property profile is to inform potential buyers about what kinds of businesses are in the area.

Real estate agents have come to depend on their title companies to supply their clients with neighborhood information that is compiled in an easy to read and understand report. Many buyers and agents alike do not have the time needed to determine which school district a home is located in, where the nearest doctor is located, or whether there are potentially objectionable businesses located in the area. A property profile can answer countless questions about a neighborhood yet requires just seconds to process and prepare.

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