Real Estate Flyers

Written by Samuel Wong
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For agents wishing to extend their marketing plan to all possible corners, many find that real estate flyers are very effective. In the theme of instant information, it is important to understand the components of a successful real estate flyer. If you are an agent who has done "floor time," you know potential buyers are looking for very specific information. This information is generally confined to size, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and the price.

Knowing the information the buyer is looking for gives you a distinct advantage in promoting a property you have for sale without needing to "ration" or "trade" the information in exchange for the buyer's name or contact information. When you use a property flyer, you can give two pieces of vital information, such as the price and address, in bold, obviously placed print. The remaining details, such as square footage and bedroom numbers can be found in the middle of a narrative paragraph bringing out intriguing details about the home. People are much more likely to read additional features of a home if vital information is contained in the flyer's paragraph form.

Gain Clients with Flyers

The most important function of real estate flyers is to relay information to prospective buyers. However, you can also reach sellers with the same tool. Flyers also provide promotion for the listing agent, bringing their name to the community as someone who is familiar with the area. For neighbors that may be interested in selling, seeing a professional flyer will show them that you are a competent agent, providing you with another source of seller leads.

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