Real Estate Newsletter Templates

Written by Samuel Wong
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As real estate newsletters gain in popularity, many real estate agents are left wondering what information they should include in their newsletters. Clients tend to have a short attention span, making it necessary that a newsletter be direct, focused, and well-planned. It may seem a little daunting to start a newsletter, however using one of the real estate newsletter templates that can be found using software or books will make the task much easier.

There are two forms of real estate newsletters commonly utilized by real estate agents. The most common newsletter form is a mailed publication. Mailed real estate newsletters can generally provide visual stimulation for the intended reader using bright paper, colorful photos or handwritten notes from the agent. Most often a real estate agent will include sales trends for the area, upcoming events, a personal update, and possibly local resources and promotion of their services.

Keep Clients Updated with Newsletters

The one form of real estate newsletter that is becoming increasingly common is the email newsletter. The real estate newsletter campaign is a little tricky because many newsletters, regardless of content, usually end up in the spam folder of a person's inbox. The templates for an email newsletter will generally recommend a very brief synopsis of the contents of the newsletter in bulleted form, with full articulation located below.

When selecting real estate newsletter templates, it is very important to keep the intended mode of distribution in mind. Sending an electronic newsletter full of pictures, resource guides and slow-loading features is almost sure to be doomed to the fate of the delete button. Sending a black and white direct mail newsletter with very little information in contrast, will most likely be ignored while a client is sorting through their mail. Real estate newsletters can be a valued source of information and can provide additional business, especially when the layout and content is worth reading.

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