Real Estate Photos

Written by Samuel Wong
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With the increasing availability of MLS (multiple listing service) access to the public, the importance of excellent real estate photos is glaring. Most often clients can do in their homes what they once had to leave the house to do--view the inside of an on the market home. With inexpensive digital cameras and an overall increase in computer literacy, it is important for real estate agents to offer the best real estate photos in their listings as possible.

Many clients considering a real estate purchase have very specific needs in mind. Fortunately for real estate agents, clients can view photos of the interiors of homes, their amenities and other details that are important to them. No longer do clients require showings of 10-20 homes prior to writing an offer. In the comfort of their homes clients are able to view hundreds of homes within a short period of time.

Take Better Real Estate Photos

As a real estate agent wishing to have the best photos, there are two important rules to remember. Real estate photos that are bright are perceived as honest. Photos that are dull or blurry often leave a prospective buyer with the feeling that there is something to hide, or that a home is dreary. The second rule to remember is to take only photos that will highlight the positive attributes of a home. Although a home may have a dreadful kitchen, a buyer will have decided to view a home because the only photos they saw were of the gorgeous lawn, sparkling pool and perfect home office. Who needs to cook anyway?

Real estate photos provide excellent, free advertising that can make a statement. Like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Nowadays with camera phones being used by clients to help them remember features of potential homes, it couldn't be more true!

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