Real Estate Promotion

Written by Samuel Wong
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Both new and experienced agents are constantly seeking additional clients. Established agents rely on their reputation and referral base to bring them additional clients, whereas new agents must engage in real estate promotion activities to grow their business. Marketing plans can range from simple door-knocking to more elaborate web-based solutions including email campaigns, website launching and advertising co-ops.

For agents in slower-moving or lower-priced real estate markets, the conventional methods of real estate marketing prove sufficient. A direct mail campaign with handwritten and stamped cards gives the impression that an agent values hard work and truly cares about a client's needs. Going from door to door also shows a dedication to the personal relationship that is formed in a highly emotional transaction like buying or selling a home.

Making Promotion Productive for Agents

For agents that are fortunate enough to find themselves in markets where median prices have skyrocketed and inventory sells quickly, more full-fledged marketing campaigns are required. Time is at a premium in these markets, and the more information that can be dispensed without person-to-person contact, the better. Agents in fast-moving markets outlay the expense to have a website that is comprehensive in directing clients to relocation services, utility companies and financing sources. Clients in booming areas prefer to do their research on their own time, and value an all-inclusive resource such as a website to answer all of their questions ahead of their home purchase.

Not only does the method of real estate promotion vary based on the market, it also varies depending on the personality of the real estate agent. Agents that are committed to their career and their clients will find that utilizing a combination of marketing techniques will ensure long-term success. Many agents find that although there are consistently changing ideas and theories about marketing and promotion, providing incredible service to the client will always remain their top priority.

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