Real Estate Prospecting

Written by Samuel Wong
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Real estate prospecting remains one of the largest challenges facing agents. Prospecting can be an arduous process, requiring many hours of "cold calls," door knocking, and endless networking. Fortunately for many agents in especially developed areas, the use of online real estate prospecting is fast becoming commonplace, saving agents time and money.

The real estate agents that embrace technology are generally open to outlaying the required funds for a personalized website. There are many companies that offer real estate website templates, making it easy and even more affordable to promote a real estate agent on the Web. In addition to tools that are especially useful to clients, a website can use contests or other giveaways as a means of obtaining contact information for prospective clients.

Real Estate Prospecting Made Easy

Another way that has proven itself for years as an effective prospecting technique is the use of an email newsletter or direct mail campaign. The email campaigns are very similar to hard copy letters sent in the past, however they are much more concise, and delivered to a client at their work or home. Real estate email newsletters are also easily forwarded to others, if they contain a particularly helpful piece of information.

Prospecting will always be one of the tasks that most real estate agents would prefer not to do. When prospecting is integrated into a business plan and made a habit, though, the rewards can be immense, and the chore factor will seem to fade. Most successful agents have found ways to integrate personality and fun into to the process, and learning a few tricks from one can be a great start!

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